Law Office

The basic principle of Y|K Law Office is generating fair and effective legal solutions to clients by providing preventive legal consultancy services before any confliction has not yet occurred.

Y|K Law Office has adopted in legal practice the method of creating working groups by taking the attendance and supports of academics and expert witnesses; and making deeply and multiple examination by obtaining opinions concerning legal disputes.

Y|K Law Office has strategic partnerships with law firms in various countries including especially the United Kingdom, France and Italy. In this manner, they have generated legal information and access network which may be produced legal solutions to clients in international fiels in globalized business life.

Y|K Law Office should be able to provide legal services to clients in Turkish, English and French languages at international level.

Y|K Law Office provides legal consulting services to clients in all matters and provides services in the resolution of disputes. Y|K Law Office protects the interests of its clients and fulfills their demands by providing to clients the highest quality legal services and effective and creative solutions to the needs of clients.

Y|K Law Office have provided legal consultancy services in domestic and/or international fields through foreign law firms with having strategic partnership have significant specialization levels and experience especially in issues related to commercial and obligations law and in this context rental agreement and various agreements, mergers and acquisitions, partnership agreements, foreign investments, construction investments and privatization particularly in relation to the retail sector and including construction, automotive, insurance and industry sectors.


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