About Us

“Y|K Law Office protects the interests and fulfills the demands of its clients by producing effective and creative solutions to the needs.”

Y|K Law Office has corporate identity founded by Ahu Uslu Yilmaz and Basar Kaya as co-founders in 2013.
Yilmaz and Kaya had worked as senior lawyers in several leading law offices and legal directors and legal managers in law departments of industry-leading companies for many years.

Yilmaz and Kaya have come together with the goal of transferring their legal knowledge and expertise that have acquired over many years to a larger client mass and training young lawyers through Y|K Law Office that has founded in 2013.

Y|K Law Office represents various clients including trading companies operating mainly in the retail sector, automotive, insurance, energy, construction and similar fields, private and public institutions and organizations and real persons. Domestic, foreign, multinational companies, conglomerates corporations in the leading positions in Turkey and the world's leading business enterprises are taking part in Yılmaz and Kaya's clients.

They have strategic business partnerships with many law offices in several countries, especially in the United Kingdom, France and Italy under corporate identity they have created. Through this cooperation, they have established law information and access network able to create legal solutions in the international field for its clients for the globalized business life.

Y|K Law Office should be able to provide legal services to clients in Turkish, English and French languages at international level.

Y|K Law Office prepare legal infrastructure and performs risk analyses for clients, resident in Turkey for their international expansion and initiative strategies.

Y|K Law Office provides legal consulting services to clients in all matters and provides services in the resolution of disputes. Y|K Law Office protects the interests of its clients and fulfills their demands by providing to clients the highest quality legal services and effective and creative solutions to the needs of clients. Basic principles they adopted in realizing this goal is providing preventive law service not after appearance of a dispute but by anticipating before it arises and thus producing fair and effective legal solutions.

Y|K Law Office provides a wide range of legal services comprising contracts law, foreign investment partnerships and corporate law, intellectual property law, obligations law, commercial law, banking and finance law, insurance law, capital market law, mergers and acquisitions, privatization, competition law, administrative law, tax law and tax configurations, information technologies and telecommunications, information and communication law, labor law, real property and construction law, medical law.

Lawyers employed in the organization of Y|K Law Office have provided legal consultancy services within the structure of Turkey’s leading law offices and companies in the domestic and/or international fields in areas mentioned above to their clients for long time and have significant specialization levels and experience especially in issues related to legislation, commercial and obligations law particularly in relation to the retail sector, mergers and acquisitions, partnership agreements, foreign investments, construction investments and privatization.